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Model Specialties Co, was founded in 1974 by Martin C. Zeller as a result of a life long interest in radio controlled model aircraft.

With his experience as a Naval aviator he went on to become an experimental test pilot for Boeing Vertol, then to a position in development engineering specializing in helicopter crew station design. This gave him the background necessary to handle the vast array of projects for which Model Specialties has become known.

The company principals consist of Martin C. Zeller, President and his son Martin Scott Zeller, Vice President. Scott started with the help of his father at a very young age to develop his skills in model making and design engineering. His first professional job was completed at age 13.

The clientele for Model Specialties Co. is large cross section of businesses and museums from all over the country. From the displays for the opening of Disney's Epcot Center to Gulf and Western's ADEC division, Model Specialties has been engineering, designing and fabricating unique projects for more than two and a half decades and continues to grow in new directions to keep pace with evolving technology.

Some of the projects of particular interest,

18-ft tall DNA molecule sculpture for the Franklin Institute.
Special lighting and sound effects for the walk though heart for the Franklin Institute.
Design and fabrication of an early Rittenhouse papermill with animated figures.
Consultation, design and fabrication of aviation exhibits for Science Museum of Virginia.
Various props for print advertising, video and motion picture production.
Prototyping medical rehabilitation equipment.
Design, fabrication and flight testing of scale prototypes for experimental aircraft development.

Currently Model Specialties is involved with projects relating to the design, fabrication, manufacturing and flight testing of autonomous helicopters for use in the motion picture industry and in humanitarian demineing and Internet consulting.


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