is the second in Model Specialties line of advanced radio control models. This 1/7 scale replica was developed by Mark Frankel from Douglas Aircraft Co. drawings and was featured in the April 1993 Model Airplane News.

To support the modeler who wishes to build and fly this ambitious turbine project, we offer custom fiberglass components from Mark's original molds. Light weight wire cut polystyrene flying surfaces and vacuum formed canopies are included to provide the experienced modeler with the parts necessary to complete a highly authentic replica of this classic Navy interceptor.
The Skyray can be built in a range of configurations from a functional sport jet with excellent grass field ability to a highly detailed Master's quality competition model.  

Kit includes:

Fiberglass fuselage, radome, inlet duct, canopy frame and drop tanks.

Kevlar bypass duct and fuel tanks.

Double walled stainless steel tail pipe. ( Please call with your turbine information for proper fit.)

Vacuum formed canopy.

Foam wing and fin cores.

Plan set with construction article.

All wood necessary to complete model.


We recently received an Email with what I think were a lot of the major questions about the Skyray. I hope this will help with some of yours.

Length? 78in
Wingspan? 58in
Wing Area? 1200 sq in
What size turbine is recommended?
17 lbs. to 21 lbs. thrust engines are suitable
Do you make or have a supplier for a scale nosegear strut?
Giant Scale Retracts (800-927-4530)
Darrell Tenny
11941 Abbey Rd.
North Royalton, OH 44133

Dave Platt Models.(407-724-2144)

Century Jet Models.
Mark Frankle's F4D Skyray, part # 11406, retail is $465.00 complete. The gear come with 1/2" diameter functional oleo struts, cut to the manufacturer's specifications, axles installed, and air support system (red and black air line, air tank, 3 T's, fill valve, and standard speed control valve.) Optional 4 Way Speed Control Valve is available which slows down the retract speed. We also sell a new mini-air pressure gage.
Are the wings removable?
If the wings are removable, will the main gear still in the fuselage when the wing is removed or are they on the removable part?
They are part of the fuselage.
What is the approximate weight, ready to fly, less fuel?
They have been between 16lbs and 30lbs.

To order call
1220 Sylvan Rd.
West Chester PA

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VHS video tape of the Skyray is available for $19.95.


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